5 Stars!! Jarrod prepared our 2018 return flawlessly and we look forward to his excellent attention to detail this year! Not only that...Jarrod helped us develop a strategic plan for the future with regards to saving for college and retirement!
Angelo Gabriele
Angelo G.
Jarrod is thorough, helpful and is a wealth of knowledge. He has helped me immensely in many different areas of tax and wealth planning. I highly recommend him.
Blair Brogan
Blair B.
Strategic Tax and Advisory Services is the best place to get your taxes done and any financial advice. Strategic Tax Advisory Services take the time goes over your finances and helps you with any questions ! Definatley 5 stars treatment!,,
Debbie Leiti
Debbie L.
Jarrod is not only thorough, he is patient and calm. His staff is very courteous and professional. He sends informative and witty emails throughout the year, keeping me on track, organized and, let's be honest, entertained. His attention to detail and obvious concern about his clients are blessings to us!
Laura Van Aken
Laura Van A.
Jarrod has been very helpful over the last few years and saved us money each year. We have gone through inheritance issues and unemployment and moves and he has made it easy on us while saving us money.
Mark Frink
Mark F.
I've been going to Jarrod for several years and will continue to go back. He's smart, efficient, friendly and quick with a great price. He knows his stuff!! What else could you want.
Patti DiMeo
Patti D.
Jarrod is fantastic! Professional, knowledgeable and timely. He really knows how to put you at ease and explain the what and why of your financials. We have been going to him for years and he is as trustworthy as they come!
Sandy Leiti
Sandy L.
Great experience. Jarrod was both professional and approachable. He listened to what I had to say and took the time to explain some fairly (for me at least) complex tax issues. I definitely recommend him and he will be our go to guy from here on out. Thanks!
Phil T
Phil T
Jarrod is very knowledgeable and responsive to his clients. I have never had to wait for appointments or communication. He works for a client's individual situations and needs, in their best interest. This is important stuff and I highly recommend Jarrod. You won't be disappointed.
geri LYNN
geri L.
Service was AMAZING, time efficient and at a great price. I am from Springfield PA and was very happy with their tax service and financial planning.
Holli Houdek
Holli H.
My husband and I are senior citizens and need a lot of help with our taxes. We are so thankful to have Mr. Barton as our "tax man" for several years, now. He couldn't be more professional, and we really appreciate all his great assistance.
Christine Graf
Christine G.
Facing a time crunch, I needed help to pay estimated taxes as my circumstances seemed to be a bit more complicated than expected. Jarrod got me in the day that I called and took care of it quickly and at a fair price. I will have him do my taxes. Also, after talking with him a bit about his financial planning service and seeing what he had to offer, I will meet with him for this, too!
John Thomas
John T.
While H&R Block charged me $400 one year to mess up my taxes and leave me with no money left from my tax refund, Jarrod from Senior Tax & Advisory Services charged me a fraction of that amount to do my taxes correctly in half the time and got me a HUGE refund two years in a row! No tricks, no hidden fees, no extra charges because of a few extra pieces of paperwork. Jarrod is honest, smart, experienced, and patient. I’ll never go anywhere else.
A Mc
A M.
Jarrod is very knowledgeable and thorough and what he charges for his services is very reasonable. We've worked with him for two years now and will continue going back.
Emily Klinicki
Emily K.
Went to senior tax advisory services with taxes that were already prepared from an accountant I’d been using for years. Wasn’t happy with my return and found this office from a recommendation from a co worker. Best thing I ever did! He found me an additional deduction. I have now referred many of my family and friends here and will continue to do so!
Sherry Sforza
Sherry S.
Jarrod is very thorough and helpful with tax advice. I would highly recommend him.
Pat Whoriskey
Pat W.
This is my first time I did my taxes to Jarrod at Senior tax and Advisory services. He really knew the stuff; quick; professional; hassle free. Highly recommended! I will be sticking with this company in the future. We really happy with the service they provided. Thank you Jarrod.
Nurhafni Yengel
Nurhafni Y.
very professional, done right the first time and cost was very reasonable
Mike Brown
Mike B.
What a great experience with my taxes. Quick, easy, & Jarrod knows his stuff! I would highly recommend!!
Kim Cahill
Kim C.
Fast, personable and diligent service. Free to veterans
Rich Veit
Rich V.
It was my first time doing my taxes on my own as a young professional. Jarrod is thorough, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Great experience from beginning to end. Highly recommend!
Kenzie Musser
Kenzie M.
Very helpful & knowledgeable - easy to work with.
John Kreyenhagen
John K.
I couldn't imagine a better experience when it comes to taxes! Knowledgeable, Professional, and efficient turn around time.
Bill Lennon
Bill L.

Tax Preparation Service

Proactive Planning

If you prepare and plan your taxes effectively, if could help you decrease your tax liability. We can help you manage your business and personal taxes. It does not have to be done behind closed doors with you knowing nothing about what is going on. We enjoy helping our clients understand the opportunities that are involved in your tax status. Not all tax strategies are obvious. By having a team by your side, we can customize, prepare and plan so you can benefit from all the opportunities that are available to you that you most likely are not taking advantage of. We are very knowledgeable of all the tax rules, news, legislation and all aspects of tax planning that could directly affect your business or even your personal taxes. Come meet with us so we can develop a plan for you have less tax liabilities.

Below are 4 strategies of how we explain the tax code:

This is not the final four it’s the ONLY four. There are three primary colors, but endless works of art and colors. There are seven notes and endless songs from musical scores for movies, to rap, to pop etc. In reverse, there are 70,000+ pages of the tax code, but they all boil down to four basic strategies, so let me show you the foundation of the art and music we make with the tax code…


Shifting is the act of moving the flow of money from an entity or person to a different entity or person in an effort to reduce the tax paid by an entity or person. The most audited and most used business entity is the sole proprietor, and it’s the default filing position of the LLC. So it is the most “chosen” entity (not choosing is choosing the sole prop.) SHIFTING to a less audited and lower taxed entity is not shifty it’s smart. This is the most basic form of shifting, but there are many more.


You can’t time the market, but you can time the tax code. This was BIG news when the “fiscal cliff” was upon us, people were moving heaven and assets to avoid the massive tax changes. Most wasted time and money (but some hit home runs). This was not a one-time event, we still have the IRA and 401k! Yep, these are timing strategies. Think of money in three buckets, eggs or circles, basically three taxable events. A. Earnings B. Growth C. Distribution. You can’t skip taxes on all three but with timing you can choose to skip/time taxes on 2 out of 3. But be careful, you can choose to avoid 2 out of 3, but end up paying at the highest tax bracket.


This is not a secret code this is a written published code. It’s the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), it has the ancillary benefit of being the cure to insomnia, but for our discussion we will discuss the tax benefit. It allows us to take a tax write off for our swimming pool, we can rent our house to ourselves, we get a MUCH better write off for leasing a car and no write off for buying a car. None of it is logical, all of it is written painstakingly in to the Internal Revenue Code. So follow the code and save thousands of dollars, ignore it and waste thousands of dollars. The code is defaulted to the IRS so ignoring it automatically sends a staggering amount of YOUR money to a staggering amount of government waste. Choose life! A life of wealth and happiness…..or at least a life of less taxes. Follow the CODE!


Most products fit into the above three, but it deserves its own place in the pantheon of tax planning because it has something none of the other strategies have; government lobbyist’s.

Allow me to illustrate, imagine that a bunch of Senators decide that the ROTH IRA is a bastion of evil wealthy people because it’s an election year (you know it could happen), so they change all the rules and now the shifting/timing/code strategy is rendered, with a stoke of the pen, inert. Your strategy was ruined; because it was an election year, senators don’t read bills and evil wealthy people don’t have a lobbying group. Now imagine that the populous senators decide that insurance was a bastion of ill-gotten wealth for the same evil rich people. I can assure you the insurance industry would rise up and prove with their vast wealth that insurance was a product of the working man and the senators would back down.

THIS is the difference between following the letter of the CURRENT law and following law that has protected products for decades