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There are several advantages to hiring Strategic Tax and Advisory Services for tax preparation services or business accounting. Whether you are retired, a W-2 employee, or are self-employed. We proudly serve Garnet Valley PA 19060 and all its surrounding areas.

Making a mistake while filing your tax return could result in a loss of money and, more importantly, your time. Getting a dreaded IRS letter then catching up with the IRS to fix the mistake can be very stressful, not to mention very time-consuming. Then having everything straightened out with the IRS can often result in spending hours on the phone, making many calls. For tax preparation, we will prepare and file your return accurately and timely, allowing you to spend your time doing the things that are important to you.

As tax regulations change from year to year, it is not easy keeping up with all the new tax rules. Not to mention making sure you are paying the least legally possible in taxes. The tax preparers at Strategic Tax and Advisory Services always stay up to date with the latest tax regulations. There is no situation we can not figure out as well as identify deductible items in your receipts and paperwork that you may have overlooked. Making sure you are confident in your finances while minimizing your tax bill is always our number one goal.

You will also receive valuable advice from Strategic Tax and Advisory Services. You will leave our office understanding your situation as well as providing you guidance on further reducing your taxes in the future because knowledge is power.

-Well Reviewed and Regarded as the Best Tax Preparation Services in the Philadelphia area

-Very Fast and Reliable Tax Prep with a Convenient Media Location

-Affordable Tax Preparer for Individuals, Families, and Businesses

-Income Tax Preparation for Personal, Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships, S-Corporations and Investments in Real Estate


We also provide CPA services and Business Accounting.

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