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There are so many things going through your head every day. Whether it has to do with your business or personal life, sometimes the last thing you want to worry about is bookkeeping. All the financial transactions can give business owners a headache. With all the purchases, receipts, sales, payments, etc., being responsible for everything that goes on with the business can be stressful. Even if you hire a bookkeeper, what happens if he/she makes a mistake? All it takes is the error of another number to throw everything off. We are here so you can focus on your business have a peace of mind.

We have been through the old way of bookkeeping and today’s form of bookkeeping.

We know what works and what does not work.

Before software and computers, bookkeeping was usually handled by writing into journals. They tried to reduce the amount of writing over time and daybooks were introduced. These special journals had specific journals for a variety of transactions, whether it was sales, purchases, cash payments or cash receipts.

Due to all the handwriting, you can imagine all the errors that were likely to happen. This would leave companies spending hours trying to find the error or errors.

Today, computers have really helped book keeping, accounting and invoicing.

There is accounting software out there that helps with accuracy and can eliminate errors compared to when bookkeeping was completed manually in journals. This software can be fast and accurate with the information that is entered. However, the software is unable to detect when things are left out, or even entered twice. If there are no other internal controls, some fraudulent activity could occur. We can help you find the latest technology to help make your business run efficiently and more profitable.

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